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Strategic Alignment

In a world where technical and technological expertise is crucial, it must be developed in a balanced manner, both internally and externally with partners. My expertise lies in the sustainable transformation of the technical departments within industrial companies. It's important to build a team that not only shares the goals but actively participates in the transformation. This involves a clear focus on the 'why,' values, and inspiring leadership.

Often, the next step in enhancing internal processes is associated with increasing bureaucracy. Especially in areas like project management, safety and reporting, significant developmental work is needed. Involving relevant stakeholders is essential to gain acceptance.

Our program, tested in practice, aims to meet your needs. It addresses various key aspects and includes multiple workstreams for a tailored project setup. An example of potential sub-projects can be found below.



Organizational Requirements

We define a clear vision and strategy for your technical department and identify the organizational requirements necessary to implement them.



We create flexibility regarding personnel, cost optimization, and requirements within technical disciplines, including the possibility of outsourcing.


Technical Governance

We establish a process to manage technical standards within your corporation, including mandates to ensure compliance.


Smart Assets

We promote digitalization and leverage technologies such as Digital Twins and Remote Automation to make your facilities smarter and more efficient.


Technical Talents

We place particular emphasis on talent management, performance management, employee development, and retention to ensure you have the right talents in your team.


Projectportfolio Management

Defining requirements for various project archetypes, prioritization, execution models, resource needs, and mandates.

With this program, we assist companies in elevating their technical expertise to a new level and facing the challenges of the future. Let's collaborate to transform your engineering and plant construction department together, and achieve your corporate goals.

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