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About Me

Christian Dressler

Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing., MBA

With over 25 years of management experience in the chemical industry and international plant construction, I possess a robust practical background across various areas within companies. Whether as a leader in top management or within the matrix in cross-functional roles, I have gained expertise in diverse organizational domains.

Purpose, Leadership, Empowerment, Transformation

I bring more than two decades of experience in top management, executive leadership, and strategy development within industrial and plant construction companies. With a strong intercultural sensitivity and a leadership role on an international scale, I've not only driven projects, organizational changes, and strategic initiatives in complex and cross-cultural environments but have also proven to be a catalyst for change. My focus is on inspiring teams, creating entrepreneurial impact, and committing to the highest standards of performance and quality.

My expertise extends to leading international teams across Europe, the USA, India, China, Indonesia, and Thailand, particularly in engineering, project management, procurement, and manufacturing. Business development, M&A, strategy, and establishing production sites complement my profile.

As a creative problem solver and experienced coach, I bring not only analytical skills and strategic thinking but also the ability to act as a catalyst, initiating and guiding change processes. My approach is based on the belief that true change and sustainable success can be achieved by aligning corporate goals with individual life goals. In this regard, I refer to the concept of 'Big Five for Life,' which plays a transformative role not only in my private coaching but also in my consulting for industrial companies.

Here are some more details, for the interested reader;)

Experience in international project management and business consulting

With 15 years of experience in international project management and consulting for companies, primarily within the cellulose industry, I've led diverse projects. My work has encompassed both smaller improvement initiatives and large-scale industrial projects with investments totaling several hundred million euros.

Focus on entrepreneurship and strategy development

My focus on entrepreneurship and strategy development was reinforced during my studies at Danube University Krems. As a result, my professional endeavors shifted towards M&A and corporate strategy.

Successes at Lenzing AG

At Lenzing AG, I had the opportunity to accompany the corporate strategy process (sCoreTEN) and lead the implementation of the internationalization of the specialty fiber strategy, involving an investment volume of around one billion euros. From site selection to management and construction of the facility in Thailand, I was involved in all stages of establishment.

Management of the plant construction division and transformation

In my role as Vice President Global Engineering at Lenzing Group, my challenge was to develop the organization for international major capex projects and a significant increase in the investment volume, reaching up to EUR 600-800 million annually. I conducted a transformation of the technical department with a high level of empathy and humanity.

Focus on personal development and talent promotion

My focus is to work personally with people and foster individual talents. I use intuitive methods and rely on purpose-driven work as an important guide.

I'm looking forward to meeting  you soon!

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