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Purpose-oriented Transformation

Purpose-Vision Strategy-People

Our holistic strategy development considers not only economic aspects but also social, ecological, and cultural factors by placing the purpose and the people within the company at the center. By deliberately combining rational tools and intuitive methods, we shape individually tailored, sustainable strategies to dynamically address the complex challenges of the future.



Identifying Purpose

To delve into the core purpose of the company, involving those who shape the organization is crucial. Employees are invited to actively participate in identifying the purpose. A small core team represents the entire organization throughout the project. In workshops, inputs from the entire organization (on a voluntary basis) are collected and passed on to the core team for further processing. These insights are condensed during an offsite event called the Purpose Quest, where the core team extracts the company's or organizational unit's purpose. We guide the team through this process and employ tailored interventions to find solutions that resonate.



Deriving Vision and Strategy - Focusing on the Core

Our approach combines well-grounded rational tools with intuitive methods to derive the vision and strategy from the purpose. Together, we shape the strategy to derive tailored strategic directions and SMART goals that meet the individual needs of the company.



Structure follows Strategy - Organizational Development

In organizational development, alongside establishing an appropriate organizational structure, we place special emphasis on positioning the right people in the right roles and creating an environment of trust. We also advocate for decisions to be made where they can be most effectively determined.




We are here to support your employees as coaches and mentors throughout the change process. In this context, we also provide targeted development opportunities (training, coaching, mentoring) for executives to foster a positive work culture and enhance collaboration within the organization



Corporate culture

The targeted promotion of corporate culture, values, and leadership behavior, taking into account purpose, vision, and strategy, will motivate teams to achieve new heights. Particularly, the identification with the purpose, the assigned tasks, and the contribution to the bigger picture is uplifting. Hence, it's crucial that the purpose, values, and even the employees' Big Five for Life are aligned with those of the company. Gradually improving working conditions and fostering workplace satisfaction result in stronger bonds, lower turnover rates, and increased productivity.


The combination of methods allows for the easier processing of complex information and the attainment of new perspectives on existing problems or challenges. The intuitive methods also provide a dynamic and creative way to make complex decisions and develop future-oriented strategies.

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